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Welcome to the CKRS PTA 

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) fosters communication between the parents, the principal and the teachers at Christ the King Regional School. The PTA also facilitates the fundraising to supplement tuition and parish subsidies.

The PTA runs many events during the school year, from teacher appreciation, to student enrichment programs to school open houses. Our largest project is the coordination of the school's Catholic Schools Week. Catholic Schools Week is the celebration of catholic schools through teacher, parent and student appreciation activities.

We are proud of our parental participation. We view participating in our children's education as a benefit of having kids at Christ the King Regional School. 


For those looking to get involved at the highest level. The executive board is the PTA’s administration — it runs the PTA. It functions as a representative of the entire parent body.


Leading a CKRS event or fundraising committee is fulfilling and worthwhile.  Sign up as committee chair, recruit some friends to help out and enjoy your next CKRS event at a new level! 


Want to help out but not sure of how? Simply sign up to volunteer for your committee of choice or the PTA will work with committee chairs to pair you up with those most in need.  Plus meet some new friends along the way.

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